Bring the body into your work for powerful, deep and faster results.

Transform yourself and become part of an incredible, growing, international community in the process.


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Do you train, teach, or coach others?

Great, then you probably know that the body matters.

As embodiment specialists, we can help you work pragmatically with the body, including in corporate and other ‘mainstream’ environments.

In this course, you deepen your own embodied wisdom and learn how to guide others on that journey. You’ll also connect to a supportive, diverse community of change-makers, community-builders and ass-kickers.

For us, this work is also about making the world a better place. A big reason things are screwed up is that people are disconnected from their bodies, which means they’re disconnected from themselves, others and the planet. Embodiment is vital for reconnection.




“Embodiment is my obsession, my life’s work and my chosen field for helping to unfuck the planet, whilst enjoying the kick-arse circus of being human all the more. EFC has been built over the last five years from the sweat and tears of wonderful people. It’s well structured, well organised, tried and tested, and it really does the job. EFC has grown beyond my own flaws into something special and I love being a fire-starter in that.”


Mark Walsh, EFC founder and co-lead trainer


What is being Embodied. Mark Walsh interview




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What is the Embodied Facilitator Course?

EFC is a personal growth and professional skills training course. It’s been running for eight successful years.

EFC lasts for eight months and is deep, intense and a lot of fun. It requires a serious commitment, which includes attending four in-person intensive modules and three online modules, plus completing homework.

We work with posture, breathing, movement, and patterns of attention and intention. There’s a balance between exploring your own embodiment for deep insight into your patterns, and practical tools you can use with others.

Embodied work comes from different roots, including martial arts, body therapy, dance, mindfulness, spirituality, therapy and the arts. Our team come from a wide variety of backgrounds. Alongside embodiment leaders Mark Walsh and Masa Nobolio, we’ve handpicked some top international guest trainers. Our facilitators have over 100,000 hours of experience between them. We’re confident EFC will put you at the forefront of this field.

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Who Is EFC For?

  • Coaches (personal & business)

  • Movement Specialists (e.g. yoga, Feldenkrias, martial arts)

  • Body Workers (e.g. rolfers, massage therapists)

  • Meditation & Mindfulness Specialists
  • Business Specialists (e.g. managers, trainers, HR)

  • Therapists, psychologists, & counselors

  • Performers (e.g. rolfers, massage therapists)

  • Activists & change leaders



EFC equips trainers and coaches with practical tools to work with the body; and enables body/movement specialists to broaden their perspective and move into other areas, such as business and organisational training. It also suits those who have experience in both business and body-related fields and are looking for a way to bring it all together.


What will I get from EFC?

  • Practical tools for coaching and working with groups

  • Principles that work across different cultures and belief systems – no gurus!

  • Personal transformation, including a deeper connection to yourself and others

  • The knowledge to work safely with the body
  • The ability to work in different settings, including mainstream ones

  • Creative freedom – you can express this learning in your own unique way

  • A diverse, global learning community
  • Career possibilities – enhance your existing work or move in a new direction


Course Features

  • Breadth
    uniquely, we bring together the world’s best embodied approaches

  • Practice is the core
    you won’t just learn theories

  • It’s intense
    we give it our all and expect the same from you

  • Fun
    we take the work seriously, but we don’t take ourselves too seriously
  • A carefully planned structure
    we take you right through to working with others

  • It’s challenging
    expect to get out of your comfort zone

  • It’s supportive
    we have a high ratio of staff to students

  • Learning that sticks
    we use modern behavioral change techniques

And of course, it’s not just about what you get. It’s about what you give. Contribution underpins all we do.



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*Did you know we run a course in the United Kingdom and Russia?