Diversity and inclusivity statement


The Embodied Facilitator Course goal is to make embodied wisdom accessible to the world. Our vision is to reach the broadest audience, no matter their wealth, location, language and practice background. 

We want to create an environment within the conference that invites participation from people of all races, social or economic status, ethnicities, genders, ages, abilities, religions, and sexual orientation free from discrimination, patronization or harassment.

Equality, diversity, and inclusion are central to the goals of the Embodied Facilitator Course. However, as a global course our approach to equality, diversity and inclusion may not be that of one singular perspective, but aims to integrate many different perspectives on the topic.

  • Equality at its heart is about removing barriers, biases, and obstacles that impede equal access. We are emphasizing equality of opportunity.
  • Diversity is about progressing  towards a community and course population that reflects our global Embodiment community and the diversity of society on various levels.
  • Inclusion is about creating a program and environment that is free from discrimination, where every participant is welcome, included and respected.

In order to promote the above goals of equality, diversity, and inclusion, EFC aims for

  • Participant diversity – making the course available to attendees as broadly as possible.
  • Trainer diversity – recruiting instructors from diverse populations, backgrounds, and practice areas within Embodiment to increase diversity in thinking and perspective. We recognize that guest instructors will come representing inter-sectional identities.

We value diversity in the communities we bring together and work in, and we welcome your contributions to bringing balanced representation of the richness of our collective human experience.